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The Process

Buying a house is a huge decision. I get it. I make it easier. I am there for you every step of the way, but here is a little taste of how the process works and what you can expect along this exciting journey:
First Step: Choose your real estate professional (that's me!)
Second Step: Get pre-approved (I have people for that)
Third Step: Let's get searching (this is the fun part!)
Fourth Step: Found the one? (let's make sure)
Fifth Step: An offer is made (we'll go over details, it's
not just the purchase price!)
Sixth Step: Negotiation (I got this)
Seventh Step: Come to terms and deliver the cash (phew!)
Eighth Step: Gather the pros (our team gets to work. lender, attorney, inspector, etc.)
Ninth Step: Papers are gathered and sent to the lender (we'll get through this)
Tenth Step: Inspections (and more... negotiations :) )
Eleventh Step: Things are finalizing and closing is getting closer (CLEAR!)
Twelfth Step: Final walk-through and signing (welcome home)
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