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I want to help you find an amazing home! Most likely this will be your largest investment made and I want to work with you on making not only the correct monetary decision but the correct "home" decision! It's important to me that I partner with you and fulfill both! I will provide you the expertise, advice, guidance and support for such an important decision.


A little about me. I've been in the corporate world for over 20 years working primarily within the Human Resources sector. During these years I was able to drive successful negotiations between individuals, maintain strict confidentiality and partner with all walks of life in the pursuit of success. My ultimate passion is giving others the time and knowledge in helping them make correct decisions. This works in your favor!


I look forward to working with you on finding that perfect piece of property, whether it be an investment or establishing a home. Spending the time to truly understand what you are searching for, while always putting you first is the easy part.

Let's partner in making the right decision!

Steph Geog
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